Neuer Wartungs-Release 15.03 veröffentlicht

Der neue QGIS Enterprise Wartungs-Release 15.03 ist veröffentlicht. Im Change-Log finden Sie die Übersicht über die Verbesserungen gegenüber den...


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Release 13.07

Neue Funktionen

  • Geometry checker to check layers against geometry errors and other conditions
  • Geometry snapper: adjust geometries to background layers (e.g. houses to parcel borders)
  • Server: possibility to publish a group as one WMS layer
  • Server: distance tolerance parameter for GetFeatureInfo
  • Server: set proposed output filename through Content-Disposition Header
  • Property dialog for legend groups (mainly for WMS publish properties)

Behobene Fehler

  • Fix bad layer dialog (don't call accept twice, use directory dialog, don't allow file selection for non-file providers)
  • Fix oracle provider not listing some geometry tables
  • Trigger repaint when applying changes in attribute form
  • Don't do any rounding on null variants
  • Fix problem creating real column on postgres tables
  • Don't round field value if precision is not set
  • Fix precision issue when merging connected lines
  • Fix isIntSafe and isDoubleSafe not considering QVariant::UInt, QVariant::LongLong
  • Avoid integer overflow when storing OGR layer type
  • Modify WMS legends only if autoUpdate is true
  • Fix merge features with different types
  • Add server log message if a layer does not exist
  • Fix selection color in QGIS server
  • Improve topological operations to work precisely
  • Fix some crashes in rule based renderer
  • Server: show non-standard request types only in GetProjectProperties
  • Fix crash with copy/paste in attribute of geometryless layer
  • Avoid crash in QgsGeometry::combine if one of the geometres is invalid
  • Improve efficiency of WFS server capabilities
  • Backport fix for python console crash
  • Fix WhiteToBlack not handled in single band gray renderer
  • Ensure composition UI is updated when composition properties are changed programatically
  • Fix composer legend title space
  • Fix object highlighting if identify mode is layer selection
  • Consitently cast values to text in postgres provider
  • Honour default CRS setting in new vector layer / new spatialite layer dialogs
  • Improve on-demand restoring of composer maps after project load
  • Fix reshape tool not working on polygons when first/last node is involved
  • Fix handling of joined layers in QGIS server
  • Fix marker size in map units in composer legend
  • Make QgsColumnTypeThread use a separate postgres connection (fixes multithreading issues)
  • Fix label properties stored differently depending on locale
  • Improve postgres provider efficiency by reducing number of queries when creating tables and fields
  • Fix bug where precision was lost in attribute dialog
  • Improve rubberband handling in edit tools if changing layers / projects
  • Make QgsDataSourceUri parser skip invalid portions instead of skipping the entire string
  • Backport fixes for zonal statistics and raster calculator from master branch

Release 13.06

Neue Funktionen

  • Server: log render time per layer if loglevel == 0
  • Server: serverside feature highlighting

Behobene Fehler

  • Improve support for embedded layers in server
  • Fix identify tool may remain stuck if no selectable layer
  • Fix duplicated postgis entries after refresh in browser
  • Fix crash with postgis views without primary key in browser
  • Enable snapping in dialog if tolerance is non-zero
  • Fix print composer crash with project version < 13.05
  • Workaround for hang if QFileSystemWatcher is destroyed after QCoreApplication
  • Enhance oracle driver performance
  • Show attributes dialog with initially unsorted attributes
  • Server: fix WFS capablities check
  • Allow user to select alpha component of color at top-level style level
  • Fix server crash if width / height is negative
  • Fix bug with Qt4.6 where simple marker symbols have transparency of the background
  • Fix featureType() function
  • Make scale range in QgsWMSServer::layerSet half-open
  • Improve reconnection and db cursor handling if database connection is interrupted
  • Fix scrollarea border style and tab order in new spatialite layer dialog

Release 13.05

Neue Funktionen

  • Delete rings with click on line
  • Datum transform
  • Server: possibility to configure legend icons for GetLegendGraphic
  • Server: html formated text and output for GetLegendGraphic
  • Server: Text in composer label can be replaced dynamically by web client
  • Server: Image in image item can be replaced by web client (QR-code functionality)
  • Server: Logging also in release mode (including render times of individual layers)
  • Server: Serverside highlighting of features
  • composer: possibility to have several grids per map and in different coordinate systems
  • composer: rectangle zoom, zoom paper 1:1
  • Multithreaded rendering (optional, disabled by default)
  • Possibility to set min/max limit for symbols in map units
  • New expression $canvas (canvas extent)
  • Copy / Past function for rendering classes

Behobene Fehler

  • Browser: drop into postgres schema works now
  • Several fixes to vector analysis
  • Fix duplicated entries in label property dialog
  • Better handling of complex cases in avoid intersection function
  • Remember last used WMS image format
  • Usability improvements Node tool and snapping
  • Fix loading / saving default template project
  • Fix sip bindings for eventLayer function
  • Ask save existing project is loading a project from template
  • Remove layers in snapping list if removed from the project
  • Fix raster transparency table if loading from qml
  • Fix update of symbology UI if changing style
  • Fix background transparency in composer map
  • Fix item selection in print composer
  • Improvements to arrow item in print composer
  • Remove composer item from internal z-list if removed from composer
  • Apply last used image format if dragging WMS layer from browser into canvas
  • Fix crash with empty attribute table
  • Fix saving unapplied properties to qml
  • Composer: display position relative to page
  • Apply canvas crs if dragging wms from browser to map canvas
  • Use dithering for png8 export (server)
  • Fix locale dependent saving of label properties
  • Avoid null-pointer dereference when there is no coordinate transform to performance
  • Correct floating point rounding
  • Transform GetFeatureInfo geometry to output crsA
  • Fix update of composer legend if automatic updates are enabled
  • Support for for non-numeric primary keys in oracle provider
  • Only ask 5 times for missing postgres layers
  • Server: fix HTTP POST
  • Fix version detection ofGDAL tools
  • Fix for crash if adding a new entry to an empty postgres table
  • Fix crash if postgres connection has become invalid
  • Fix crash if postgres layer is added from browser while db search has not finished yet
  • Allow selection of encoding for delimited text layers
  • Set database encoding also after reconnect

Release 13.04

Neue Funktionen

  • Possibility to set snap lines invisible from python bindings
  • Make QgsGeometry::addTopologicalPoints available in bindings
  • Implement snap to area (fix for selection in node tool and delete part tool)
  • renderer dialogs: possibility to copy / paste entries
  • Added a color ramp class which generates random colors on-the-fly
  • QgsComposition::addItemsFromXML for python
  • Add accessor for changed geometries to QgsVectorLayer (python bindings)

Behobene Fehler

  • Don't classify NULL values in graduated renderer. Validate input to avoid non-numeric input
  • Don't abort split in case of error. Write error message into message log instead
  • Try to insert topological points before geometry split
  • Fix crash if saving raster in low resolution
  • Fix wrong attributes for added and modified features in QgsVectorLayer::featureAtId
  • Backport fix for topological line rubberband
  • correct bug in topology rubberband when OTF is enabled
  • Make layer order compatible to 1.8 if layer order activated but no layer shifted yet
  • Backport fix for loss of precision when saving composer map extent
  • Set legend drawing order if creating a new project
  • Add 1.5mm to symbolSpace in composer legend when transforming project file from 1.8 to 1.9
  • Fix crash if opening attribute dialog with all fields hidden
  • Fix update of attribute tabel if adding / removing attributes and clear cache properly with undo / redo
  • List bigint attributes in graduated renderer widget
  • Invoke project file transform also with 1.7.x versions
  • Fix bug where dragging WMS layer from browser adds layer/style/crs parameter from parent too
  • don't allow slashes in http connection names (fixes #9131)
  • Update attribute table if layer subset has changed
  • Don't give wgs84 as crs for layers without geometry
  • Fix adding a new empty class to graduated renderer widget
  • Round doubles to requested precision in field calculator
  • Don't remove capturing rubberband if changing the layer (and that layer is not editable)
  • Disable filter if search checkbox is unticked in database selection dialogs
  • fTools: all geoprocessing functions have the use selected features checkboxes
  • Difference and union error message by using invalid geometries (GEOS_EXCEPTION or FEATURE_EXCEPTION)
  • fTools: eliminate sliverpolygon
  • Fix attribute table update problem in case of committed attribute deletion
  • Improvements in avoid intersection: consider undo/redo, avoid topological problems
  • Backport nodetool fixes
  • Don't consider vector layers with type NoGeometry or UnknownGeometry in spatial query plugin
  • Server: Fix for segfault if opacity list is longer than layer list
  • Server: Backport fix for filter string test
  • Server: Backport fix for display field in GetProjectSettings


  • Improve efficiency of attribute table
  • Don't apply clipping for polygon with all points inside clipping box
  • Eliminate creating of unused QString objects in transformCoords
  • Server: improved performance of png8 conversion

Release 13.03

Neue Funktionen

  • Composer: user defined item snaping and automatic alignment when moving composer items
  • Performance improvement WMS server
  • Performance improvements in png8 conversion (WMS server)
  • Info tool: layer selection mode
  • Show different snap marker shapes for snap to segment / vertex
  • Add possibility to set header fields for wms connections (e.g. Referer)

Behobene Fehler

WMS server:

  • Backport #7521 (compliance with SLD spec for GetLegendGraphic requests)
  • Fix for empty entries in layer and style list
  • Fix for percentage encoded WMS parameters
  • Add more tolerance to QGIS mapserver for not fully OGC compliant WxS clients
  • Use case insensitive string comparison for wms request names
  • Don't advertise jpeg as image type for GetLegendGraphic
  • Invert layer crs if wms version is not 1.1.1 (covers the case where wms version is given as 1.3 instead 1.3.0)
  • Insert user defined OWS extent into top layer of WMS capabilities
  • Initialize network access manager on qgis server startup
  • Initialize qgis.db in server
  • WMS server: fix double apply of layer space in GetLegendGraphics
  • Implement reading of project related label information in server and improve code for reading project properties
  • WMS server: copy layer bbox without normalisation (empty bbox must stay empty)
  • Fix exclude composers from WMS

Python bindings:

  • Backport #4303 (fix for non-ascii characters in settings path)
  • Backport #6640 (fix problem with round function of the expression builder)
  • Fix adding multipble WMS layers via Python API (compatibility with 1.8 API)


  • Accelerate field calculator
  • Encoding fixes related to using GDAL/OGR
  • fix move features issue with point geometries
  • Backport fix #7770 (wmts tileset table emptied upon second getcap request)
  • Delete rubberband if deactivating capture tools
  • Improve performance of QgsHighlight
  • Don't create raster legend icons per default
  • new spatialite layer: don't assume epsg id and qgis srsid are the same
  • Disable backbuffer for X11 and Qt 4.6 because of crashes with WMS resizes
  • Fix map position jump after mouse click after manually entering coordinates
  • Merge attributes dialog: skip pk attributes by default
  • Properly read/write null values in merge attributes dialog
  • Recalculate merge attribute also if combo index has not changed
  • nodetool: track layer of selected feature instead of current layer
  • Backport #8235: limit shapefile fieldname to 10 in fieldcalculator and add attribute dialog
  • Fix multipolygon split with single splitline
  • Destroy edit command if split feature returns error / does not do any split. Fix memory leak
  • Backport #8300: Visual snapping when adding first node or starting feature
  • Save style in old symbology: fix double connection of signal
  • Update symbol count after edits
  • Report meaningful error also in case a selected invalid feature cannot be split
  • Split feature: automatically try to detect a suitable value for a pk field in case there is no default
  • Show more meaningfull warning if pasting features fails because of avoid intersection
  • Clip polygon highlight to view extent (important especially on Qt 4.6 where transparent canvas items are really slow)
  • More descriptive message if there are empty geometries when pasting with avoid intersection turned on
  • Fix loading ui form for geometryless tables

Data providers:

  • Backport #7560 (import of shapefile into spatialite through db manager fails if there is a DATE column )
  • Backport #7642 ()WMS had no image encoding enable when services only serves other then png)
  • wmts: fix dimension support
  • Backport oracle provider: fix pk where clause
  • wms provider: add trailing slash, if url path is empty otherwise and clear tileset list, when a tileless wms server is connected
  • on't enable add wfs button in case of request error
  • Log xml parse errors in wfs provider
  • Log WFS describeFeature failures
  • Backport fix to delete wfs capabilities replies with errors
  • Remove geometry filter in ogr provider if calculating extent
  • ogr provider: reopen the data source if a REPACK failed
  • wms client: Add png8 format
  • Fix ogr subset for ODBC datasources
  • Mark wfs layer as invalid in case of xml parser errors
  • Fix feature count in postgres provider


  • Keep selection if adding features, safety check for 0 geometry in splitFeatures method
  • Prevent crash in case of invalid geometries
  • also handle ringless polygons with GEOS <3.3 (follows 6370153e)
  • Fix bug with features that are added and deleted (bug with multiple merges)
  • Fix crash if merge geometries fails
  • Avoid pasting empty geometries into non-table layers
  • Backport: use transaction in saveAs if supported by datasource
  • Fix memory leak in multiband color renderer
  • Quote layer names in raster calculator
  • Fix bug with features which are added and then deleted again
  • Consider edits for vector layer feature counts
  • Fix various bugs related to merging features and attributes
  • Cancel geom union if geos throws an exception (instead fallback to current geometry)
  • Fix transparent 1 pixel borders in raster layer, caused by rounding to int
  • Better error message if merging features fails


  • Fix problem with geometryless postgres table in browser
  • Fix attribute creation in browser drop
  • Fix WFS layers in browser
  • Don't show OWS data item in browser (it is not implemented


  • Backport #3743 (georeferencer: can't set map coords from map canvas on Mac)


  • Backport #7405: Graduated renderer: Feature count 0 with scale or rotation
  • Fix loading of new labeling from style
  • Fix crash after graduated renderer symbol selection
  • Fix dash dot length for line width < 1 and Qt > 4.6
  • Fix bug in svg cache
  • Backport #7217: graduated classes are altered when saved to qgs
  • Make marker line angle calculation more robust against duplicated vertices
  • Fix scaling of rotated svg symbols
  • Fix pie diagram colours if 0 values are present
  • Fix vertical alignment for data defined labels
  • Better raster band detection if converting old raster symbology code
  • Prevent endless url-not-found loop if svg file cannot be found
  • Simple marker: use limit for cache image size
  • Backport #7871 : SVG Marker fill and outlin colors are restored when changing widget or reopening style window


  • Consider also font descent and baseline in QgsComposerLabel::adjustSizeToText
  • Show print composition in foreground if activated from composer manager
  • Mark project dirty in case of composer changes
  • Composer: fix font metrics for text width calculation
  • Fix form annotations not showing in composer


  • fix fTools union bug #2603
  • f-Tools: union NULL value handling improved
  • f-Tools: more interoperability for makeDifference
  • f-Tools: progressbar improved
  • dbmanager: fix column renaming
  • GRASS: backport #7427 ( postgres - set schemas option )

Release 13.02

behobene Fehler

  • Objekt Einfügen Bug
  • Grundlegende Bibliotheken (GDAL/OGR, ...) für Ubuntu Lucid aktualisiert

Release 13.01

neue Funktionen seit QGIS 1.8

WMS Server:

  • Transparenz auf Layerebene
  • SVG- und Annotation Item als Wasserzeichen
  • Selektiv Layer, Attribute, Druckzusammenstellungen von Publikation ausnehmen
  • GetProjectSettings Request


  • Mehrseitige Zusammenstellungen
  • Seriendruck
  • HTML Item
  • Uebersichtskarte
  • mehrspaltige Legenden


  • Benutzerdefinierte Expressions
  • Raster resampling
  • SVG Images von URL
  • Ebenen duplizieren


  • Oracle Spatial - native Anbindung
  • Unterstützung von Web Map Tile Services - WMTS

behobene Fehler seit QGIS 1.8

  • Fehler beim Schreiben des Projektfiles
  • Bei kopieren/einfügen wurde Überschneidung vermeiden ignoriert
  • Darstellungsfehler bei kleinen Massstäben
  • SVG-Fill in Mapunits führt zum Absturz
  • Copy Feature führte zu falschen Einträgen
  • Geoprocessing-Union werden die Attributnamen nicht gekürzt
  • Leere PostGIS Layer können nicht geladen werden
  • Verlust von Objekten beim Verschmelzen
  • Alpha-Kanal wird beim Laden von Rastern nicht berücksichtigt
  • Beim Hinzufügen von PostGIS Layern wird der Geometrietyp nicht ermittelt
  • Abstürze bei geöffnetem MapComposer
  • Bei eingeschaltetem Darstellungscache werden keine WMS dargestellt
  • Punktmusterfüllungen mit grossem horizontalen Abstand führen zum Absturz
  • Verbesserungen beim Import von CSV Daten
  • Browser: Verschieben File-Basierter Layer in eine PostGIS DB führt zum Absturz