Sourcepole is a software development company specialising in geographical information systems (GIS) solutions based on Open Source Software components. As an active contributor to many OSGeo projects, Sourcepole is able to integrate customer specific extensions into the main software repositories. With Marco Hugentobler, former technical lead in the QGIS steering committee, and three more official QGIS core developers, Sourcepole is a leading company behind QGIS.

Sourcepole was founded 2000 and has currently 9 employees with a wide range of skills in programming, system administration, project management and GIS-analysis.


  • Pirmin Kalberer, Dipl. El. Ing. ETH, pka(at)
  • Marco Hugentobler, Dr. sc. nat., mhugent(at)
  • Horst Düster, Dr. phil. nat., horst.duester(at)
  • Mathias Walker, Dipl. Inf. Ing. ETH, mwa(at)
  • Sandro Mani, Dipl. Inf. Ing. ETH, smani(at)
  • Tomáš Pospíšek, Dipl. Inf. Ing. Univ., tpo(at)
  • Hussein Kabbout, Informatiker EFZ, hka(at)
  • Sandra Litscher, sli(at)