Why QGIS Enterprise?

Maintenance and support from QGIS core developers.

With QGIS Enterprise Sourcepole offers a complete maintenance and support package for your geodata infrastructure (GDI). It is based entirely on proven open source software components. The core of the offer is the QGIS Suite, based on QGIS Desktop, QGIS Server and QGIS Web Client 2.

QGIS Enterprise is supported on the operating systems Linux (Debian / Ubuntu / RedHat) and Windows.

QGIS LTR Version

Sourcepole offers maintenance services based on the latest QGIS LTR version. We aim to protect and maintain the investment and operation of the QGIS software used by the customer over the entire life of the software.

The maintenance package includes bug fixing of the QGIS LTR version and additional releases during and after the LTR Community Support cycle.