New Maintenance Version 15.03 Published

The brand new QGIS Enterprise Release 15.03 is published. Please have a look at the change log for an overview about the improvements.


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Why QGIS Enterprise?

Maintenance and support from QGIS core developers.

QGIS is a full featured professional Open Source GIS suite. The only missing piece was the availability of professional maintenance and support for enterprise infrastructures.

With QGIS Enterprise Sourcepole offers a complete maintenance and support package for your spatial data infrastructure (SDI). It is based entirely on proven open source software components. It is build around the QGIS suite, based on QGIS Desktop, QGIS Server and QGIS Web Client.

QGIS Enterprise currently runs on Linux (Debian / Ubuntu / RedHat 6) and Windows 32/64 bit.

Long Term Support (LTS)

QGIS Enterprise 13.x is forked from the latest 1.9 master. Stability and backward compatibility are the keywords.

QGIS Enterprise 13.x is compatible to the QuantumGIS 1.8 API. But many features from the QGIS 2 releases are available as well.

Based on this, Sourcepole offers support- and maintenance contracts. Our target is to save your processes and your investments for a long time.

Benefit for the QGIS Project

The QGIS project benefits from QGIS Enteprise. Most bug fixes for QGIS Enterprise flow into the current QGIS development as well. Exceptions are the fixes that can not be integrated into the new QGIS versions due to the new architecture.

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