New Maintenance Version 15.03 Published

The brand new QGIS Enterprise Release 15.03 is published. Please have a look at the change log for an overview about the improvements.


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QGIS Enterprise Features


QGIS Enterprise is designed for stability and longevity. Regular updates ensure a smooth operation.


QGIS Enterprise has a huge number of data interfaces. It supports almost all common vector and raster formats.

Both the direct connection of the GPS receiver to QGIS Enterprise, as well as the connection to PostgreSQL / PostGIS and Oracle Spatial are possible.


Managing and converting the data with QGIS Enterprise Browser is a breeze. Simply take a dataset and drop it into the Oracle Spatial database. Or perhaps in a different format?

Design professional maps

Designing professional maps requires variety of tools usually only available in dedicated design software. The QGIS Enterprise print composer provides these tools and much more. Ambitious map concepts can be implemented easily.

  •      multi-page maps
  •      mapbooks
  •      synchronously rotation of maps and north arrow
  •      synchronized overview maps
  •      multi-column legends
  •      and much more ...

OGC Web Services Integration

Seamless integration of OGC web services is a key requirement in a distributed and service-oriented SDI. QGIS Enterprise integrates the following services on server and/or client side:

  •      Web Map Service (WMS)
  •      Web Feature Service (WFS / WFS-T)
  •      Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)
  •      Web Coverage Service (WCS)
  •      Web Processing Service (WPS)




fewer bugs

complete range of functions

Oracle Spatial Support

OGC Web Services